Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Golden Globes: Get your game face on!

I watch awards shows much like a man watches a sports game. I yell, I sigh in disbelief and I have been known to throw things. I make no apologies because award show season, at least for me, is a sport and tonight is the first game of the season: The Golden Globes. There have been some amazing films and performances this year and tonight we will get a first glimpse of the seasons favorites.

Now I know some actors say that they don’t care about winning or losing but much like a quarter back, the awards one will receive tonight and onward will directly effect their asking price for upcoming films. Especially for actresses such Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick who’s price has most likely already increased based on praise and good reviews alone. She is nominated for Best supporting and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins. George Clooney is nominated for Best Actor for the same film. He is up against Jeff Bridges who has gotten rave reviews for his performance in Crazy Heart.

I am thankful that the Golden Globes separates best performance in a Drama and Comedy. This clears the path for Sandra Bullock to take the win for performance in a drama and Meryl Streep to take the win in comedy for Julie & Julia.

As far as TV goes I will be livid if Glee does not win every category it’s nominated in, especially Glee’s Jane Lynch though Chloe Sevigny could give her a run for her money. She kicked in last seasons Big Love. HBO’s Gray Gardens should win for best TV mini series and Jessica Lange should win for her performance in it. Kevin Bacon is, as far as I am concerned a shoe in for Best male performance for Taking Chance. I also think Big Love will win best TV Drama. I doubt HBO is going home empty handed though I do believe Jeremy Piven will again. Edie Falco should win for her performance in Nurse Jackie. And of hopefully this will be NPH’s year for his supporting role in How I met your Mother but he is up against John Lithgow for his performance in this season of Dexter.

I fear is that Avatar will take every category it’s nominated for which I believe is a shame. If you want to talk about special effects and cinematography that’s a different story but overall Avatar is wear in both acting and directing.

So these are my predictions for the Golden Globes which air tonight and will be hosted by Ricky Gervais. I will be twitting through out the awards (from my couch) and I might even video blog so you get a real idea of just how seriously I take this. Let me know what you think.



Jennifer Love Hewitt decorates her lady parts. Hewitt admitted on the George Lopez show that after a rough breakup her friend helped her decorate her lower region with Swarovski crystals.  She calls it “Vajazzling”. I have to admit that I love this. Talk about female empowerment. I mean, I’m not about to run out and decorate my V in glitter but I commend anyone else who wants to and I can get why chicks would do it. You get to walk around all day thinking, “My vagina is shiny.” That’s awesome.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging live from Martha Stewart!

I am in the first row at Martha Stewarts blogging show. Right now. Right this minuet. Amazing!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 The Year of Change

Happy 2010 Everyone! Yes, I know we are two weeks in already but it needed to be said because 2010 is gonna be The Year of The Mollie. We are talking more blog posts, interviews, contests and much much more. Keep reading and leaving comments and feed back and if you see a movie, say something with our new Cupecake rateing system(comming soon). I love your feedback so if I suck, tell me. If you think I don't write about something I should please let me know. We would like to start including book reviews and more movie reviews so if you see something and have a keyboard then let us know. For MolliealaMode 2010 will be a year of growth and cupcakes. Please keep checking back for more fun is to come!

Damn the Man! Have a Cupcake!

The first Cupcake of 2010 goes to none other then Conan O'Brian. C-Dog is getting a raw deal from The Man, (The powers that be at NBC) and he isn't taking it sitting down! O'Brian says that NBC's attempt to push back The Late Show to 12:05 "will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting." And he is probibly right. Conan has go to great great length to keep with between him and the Network and has said nothing attacking Jay Leno. Conan does state that he will leave the show if NBC continues with the push back.

Conan addressed his fans and it was done so testefully. I give him props and I hope NBC re-thinks their plans. In any event, this weeks Cupcake goes to Conan O'Brian for handleing this so well and continuing to rock. I will not accept his apology for his hair though.