Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unsure what to make of this at this point in time...

...But I thought I would share it and see what people thought. Read and respond...;_ylt=AsRj81f0DkQSHThReYi1udlxFb8C

Friday, April 24, 2009 Riding the slow bus yet agian

I love knowing things before other people do. Especially when it comes to music. Today referred to Paolo Nutini as an "Up and coming" music sensation. Nutini who has opened for the Stones as well as Led Zeppelin has a new album coming out in June. You might remember his song, "New Shoes" got some air play a few years back. If you hav'nt heard his music I urge you to check out his first album, "These Street". It truely is a work of art, one which I have been listening to for 3 years. Take that,,20274557,00.html

Mode After Hours

If you are like me and suffering through Ugly Betty withdraw I have good news for you. First off Ugly Betty will back back with all new eps next week. Many questions will be answered among which hopefully will include who's baby is it? When is Alexis coming back? And how will Mode survive minus its money.

But if you need a little fix to tide you over till then head over to and check out Mode After hours Webisodes starring the terrible twosome Mark and Amanda. Their six webisodes to watch and of coarse with Mark and Amanda center stage they are totally worth checking out.

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