Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please file under: Things I NEVER wanted to know!

Now, I am totally friends of the over-share. What would I blog about if people didn't talk way to much and do really weird things. But this is a prime example of going to far. Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of John Phillips from the Momma's and the Papa's has come out with a new book and in this new book she says she had a sexual relationship with her father. SHE SLEPT WITH HER OWN FATHER!!!...ON PURPOSE...FOR YEARS!!! Who shares that!?! Who tells the world that type of information? I understand the need to talk about traumatic things to help move on, I get that. But this? No, this is the definition of an Over-share gone horribly wrong. But wait, there's more....

Phillips says this relationship lasted through her marriage to another man and only ended when she became pregnant and didn't know who the father was. She terminated the pregnancy and ended the sleeping with daddy.

This is horrible. You hear horrible stuff about children being rapped all the time by family members but I have never heard of an adult child sleeping with her father and enjoying it. I do not care how many drugs you are on, it's 3o types of creepy and I need to go puke up my dinner now.

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