Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kate's Makeup girl is AMAZING!

First off let me just say that I love that when Kate cries, she really cries. She goes all out. Dramatic pauses, deep mournful sighs, looks off as if remembering all the happy days of money and free tummy tucks. But what always stays the same is her eye make up. It NEVER runs or smudges or even moves. It's as if someone smacked it on there and used acrylic spray on her face so it never comes off. She cried through her entire special on Monday night and used like 10 tissues and they all came away clean! Its magic I tell you! When I become famous I want that person doing my make up.

Meanwhile Jon paid a visit to the West Side Jewish center in NYC to attempt to clear his name. I have said it once and I shall say it again: Jon, GET OUT OF MY NAIGBORHOOD! You’re not even Jewish. I swear if I ever run into you on the street I am going to kick you in the shin.

Disclaimer: Just so everyone knows I am totally more hardcore then shin kicking but you really can't threaten people over the internet with anything worse then a shin kick and besides have you ever been kicked in the shin? It flippin' hurts. Watch out Jon!

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