Monday, August 23, 2010

This is what it looks like when a show jumps the shark...

For those of you who don't know the term, "Jumping the shark" it's the term used to describe when a show has gone too far into the red zone. According to Wikipedia it was a man named Sean J. Connolly who came up with the phrase after the Fonz literally jumped over a shark in a three part "Happy Days" special (video here). This ridiculous act did not end the show but it did kill the show. The shark jump was a sign that things had gone too far, were out of control and the show had just plain lost it's hootspa. Over the years many shows have the one episode that is referred to as the one where they "jumped the shark".  Some would say it was the musical episode of Scrubs. Others would say it was when Desperate Housewives opened their season with a 5 year jump after the last season had ended. From this point on whenever anyone asks me the definition of jumping the shark, I will answer with one word: Fairy.
       There are many people asking Why, today. Why did Alan Ball do this? Why did the writers at HBO write this? Why didn't the powers the be at HBO stop this? We will never know the answer. Perhaps the brilliant Mr. Ball has a plan. A plan that will make this all ok. And if he does then I will forgive him but right now, it's still too fresh. I'm still looking to the heavens and scratching my head. I read the True Blood books (ok, just the first one but whatever) so I knew the basis of what was suppose to happen. But I trusted Alan Ball to take the series and honestly do it better justice then the author of the books did. For a while it seemed that Ball was on the right track. He saved Lafayette from death (that was suppose to be him in the back of that car) and he ignored Vampire Elvis (Oh yes, Elvis was alive and well and had a appetite for house cats) Alan Ball is still my hero for leaving that out. So last week when Sookie awakes from her coma in a fairy version of Bon Temps Cemetery surrounded by tutu clad hippies, I did one of those epic moments of horrible realization where I actually went out loud, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? (insert dramatic sob) WHY!?!" By the time Sunday rolled around I had progressed to the anger stage of my acceptance.  This week when Bill tells Sookie of her true identity (Shes a FAIRY!!!) I simply had a small hallucination where I saw the Fonz, Allen Ball along with Sookie and Bill all jump over a man eating shark while doing one of those human triangle things on water skis. It was quite dramatic, the Fonz waved to me and Alan Ball flipped me off.
   Let me level with you, I'm an un-employed 27 year old chick with an affinity for vampires and junk TV. I will watch just about anything. I might be totally wrong and in the minority on this entire idea and perhaps True Blood has built up such a following that it can withstand the current stupidity it's undergoing but I stand by what I said and when asked I will say it again. And if I ever meet Alan Ball I will tell him the same. Last night was the night True Blood jumped the shark and as far as shark jumping goes it was one hell of a jump.

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