Thursday, October 1, 2009

And Jon smacks back!

Ok, I am in love with these people again. As if this all wasn't bad enough that Jon and Kate bickered all the time, had 8 kids, made a bunch of money off those kids, had tummy tucks and hair replacement, bickered some more, moved, bought puppies, got rid of puppies, divorced, dated a 22 year old and moved in to my neighborhood (P.S. Jon I swear if I ever see you at Farway I am going to kick you so hard!) The level 10 hot mess that is J&K Plus 8 has just hit 11. After being booted from the TLC show that got him his hair, his mansion and his new Girlfriend, Jon had retaliated and kicked the TLC film crew out of his house. We all wondered why Jon halted his divorce proceedings early this week and apperently this is it. Jon is insisting that for the sake of his children (Because now their wellfare is a concern) he can no longer allow them to be filmed. His laywer has submitted two letters to TLC insisting filming for the show cease at once. He has also posted signs on his lawn in case they did'nt get the message.

 So basically Jon has realized we all hate him and that Kate will get everything and no one will watch a show about him running around NYC being a dead beat dad and this is how he is handeling it. I never know which of these parents to hate. Jon is obveously a giant moron and jackoff and I think Kate might be cousins with the devil. I was going to side with the dogs because they were so cute. Remember when Nala ate the toy horse? How cute was that!?! But I think I am going to have to go back to my orginal stants and side with Aaden(Thats the one with the glasses). He really never cared about what the hell was going on. He had his bucket and his glasses and that was all he needed. He's a chill dude so I'm siding with him. Which ever parent he chooses is the one I'll support. 'Till then I remain a gossiping, judgmental bystander.

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  1. This should have been done years ago if thats how he felt about it. Its pretty obvious that now that he's not getting a share of the money he wants revenge and to stop Kate from getting more. However, he should have a say, it will be interesting to see how this pans out!!!