Thursday, October 1, 2009

Totally not surprised

David Letterman gets around and someone tried to sucker money out of him because he gets around. Letterman revealed on his show tonight that he has been the "victim" of an extortion plot as a result of his sexual indiscretions.

Here is the deal people: IF YOU ARE FAMOUS AND YOU HAVE SEX THE WORLD IS GOING TO FIND OUT. This is not rocket science, your life is my entertainment and I will use it and laugh at it and mock it. I'm sorry but it's how I entertain myself.

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS BUT TRY TO EXTORT MONEY FROM FAMOUS PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU SLEPT WITH THEM ONCE, YOU ARE A TOOL. And a slut and a bad person and I will mock you more because you are a pathetic exscuse for a human being.

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