Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blessed be the Title change

I blogged about this movie about a year ago. It was filmed in my neighborhood for 3 weeks and ruined my life. Because of Jason Bateman's tailer being parked on my street, I now have to walk my dog an extra block. But what really bothered me about this movie was the title: The Baster. As in a turkey baster. As in, this chick decided she is done attempting to find a man and decided to do it herself and has a baby with the help of a turkey baster!!!!! You smell that? That's the stench of Hollywood garbage. But anyway, the powers that be were at least smart enough to change the title so when you hear it you don't promptly vomit.  It's been re-titled "The Switch" since the idea is Anistons best friend Bateman switches out the donor sperm for his own (No really, I couldn't make this up.) The result is a little f'd up bundle of joy and a horrible romantic comedy about best friends who realized 10 years after the fact that they are totally in love with each other and have a kid. I have provided a trailer for you in case you doubt my theory about this being horrible beyond description but I think it's gonna be like that chick you slept with in college, if you drink enough it might start to look good. I for one don't think it's worth the hangover. What do you think?

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