Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music Video Monday (on a Wednesday)

Yes, in the future Music video Monday will be on a Monday. But today it's on a Wednesday because it's my blog and I can do that. Each week I will pick a music video and either praise it or bash it horribly. And my dear Drake, today is your day. Drake, who use to be Jimmy on Degrassi and who's real name is Aubrey has this new music video that just baffles me. I'll admit that although I don't like the song it does get stuck in my head the minuet I hear it but I refuse to like this music video. Why? Because I plain just don't understand it. He loves this girl. The girl belongs to a war lord or something. They bone anyway. The war lord finds out. Drake goes, "But I just have to see her one last time." War Lord finds out. Drake gets captured. War lord has girl who slept with Drake pop him in the back of the head. Find Your Love scrolls across screen. I am lost. Was she really in love with Drake or just doing dirty work for the war lord? Is Drake really dead? Was it worth it? So many questions for a song I don't even like. Whatever, watch it and tell me what you think...

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