Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Movies

I am a GIANT Halloween junkie. It's my favorite holiday and I decorate and dress up and drive everyone around me insane with Halloween crap. But of course, I am also deeply into Halloween movies. My top movie is "The Nightmare before Christmas"because I can throw it on and watch it non-stop through till Christmas. It's a bi-holiday film and it's wonderful. I also really love "Hocus Pocus" because I have an odd obsession with the Salem witch trials. The only paper I have ever gotten an A+ on was on the Salem witch trials.

Generally, I lean more to the silly, goofy Halloween movies more then the super scary, gruesome stuff. I first watched "Poltergeist" at age 7 and let's just say, it left an impression. This year I have been eying "Paranormal Activity 2" but I have to admit I never saw the first one. I have seen the "Blair Witch Project" and I laughed through the whole thing. So what are you're favorite Halloween movie? Do you need to be scared or just a little spooked?

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