Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Rooz: Makin' Mom Proud

A college bud of mine just finished this great album. I say its great because I am not normally a hip hop fan and yet I am totally in to his new album, "Makin' Mom Proud." Big Rooz's album is what I call relate-able Hip hop with harmonious tracks that even the non-hip hop educated can enjoy. "Family Business" is touching, featuring actual voice messages from Big Rooz's mom and grandmother. Other favs include "Maybach Music" and "Watch the Gap". In his own words, Rooz told me about his a wide range of infulences,

"I love good hip hop. stuff I can (mostly) relate to. my favorite groups are the beastie boys, a tribe called quest, de la soul and right now I think lupe fiasco is the best rapper out. but I also listen to alot of other stuff. rage against the machine is probably my favorite non rap group along with G. Love & Special Sauce and coheed. And above all, my favorite music is R&B John Legend, Marques Houston, Boyz II Men, etc. if I could sing I'd be making r&b right now!"

My personal belife is that if Eminem and Lindsey Lohan think they can sing, then anyone can but even with out the signing, "Makin' Mom Proud" is a fun, enjoyable album.

"My girlfriend questioned me one time we got into my car, my cd was playing when she got in (I had been listening to it prior to picking her up). She said "You really listen to yourself????" To which my only response was "Hell yes! because I make the kind of music I love!"

It has deffinitly made it on to my I-pod and it should make it on to yours. You can download the entire thing for free over at and you can also follow Big Rooz on Twitter: twitter is Rooz is also working on his own own recored company and of corse more music. Keep a head up on this one. He's going places.

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