Friday, July 17, 2009

Why the Emmys Suck!

Well I am annoyed. No, I am pissed...I am angery! The Emmy noms were released this week and they have ignored TrueBlood. Supernatural shows are constantly ignored by the Emmys and honestly is just plan fucking ignorant. Yes its show about a world were we co-egsist with vampires and shapeshifts and monster and it takes place in the south but its a good show with good acting and good writing. Of corse Lost gained nominations even though its honestly the most annoying show on TV. Once you get off the island why would you go back? Stupid. Weeds has a nom for best comedy. Because watching a pregnant women be anally rapped by a drug lord is soo funny. Glen Close has a nom for her show which I didn't even realize was still on. So all and all I'm just super annoyed. The same was done to Buffy and say what you will about Buffy but it was some of the best writing on Television at the time. The Emmys suck, that's it and that's final and if I ever meet anyone who has to do with the Emmys I am going to kick them. Done!

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