Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blood and sex and more blood...

According to this past Sundays episode of True Blood, (You know, the one were something super natural happens and then Bill/Sookie gets hurt and sucks the others blood to recuperate while Jason does something stupid and Lafayette makes a drug reference) was viewed by 5.3 million viewers.

Please to not get me wrong, I love True Blood. I mean, its not Buffy but its funny and bloody and I really love the Hoyt/Jessica relationship. I really hope those two crazy kids can work it out. But I am having issues with this season. It started with the open orgy in the field out of no where and the weirdness of greek mythology intertwining with red necks. I'm hopeing Ball can stay on the ball with this series but how is season three not going to be a giant let down? Or are they gonna pull a Weeds and completely kill the town and up root the main characters and start over. FYI, that did not work in Weeds and it certanly will not work with Vampires.

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  1. I still say it jumped the shark when Suk-eh (said in a Bill Compton voice) started friggin blending with her X-men character. You can read minds you do not have stupid glowing super powers that defeat awesome she devils who are hot. Where's my tee-shirt?!?!