Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Gavin DeGraw is a GIANT Schmuck!

First off, Obama has asked that everyone go out and volunteer on Sept 11th this year in hopes of making it the biggest day of service in history. There are several ways to get involved. I am looking into gardening in a park.

But that is not the funny part. Several musicians will take part in a tribute concert and among them is Gavin DeGraw. That was the funny part. Here is the story: Back when I was in college Gavin DeGraw was suppose to do a concert at my school. The proceds of the concert were going to a charity to aid the Tsunami victims. The night before the concert Gavin DeGraw decided to go out bar hopping across the city until way into the wee hours of the morning. The idiot showed up hung over on the Z100 radio show the morning of the concert. At the same time he was talking about his stupid drunken night of fun, his people were calling to cancel his concert FOR CHARITY due to laryngitis. That asshole was blabbing away on the radio when apperntly he had no voice to blab with! All the tickets were refunded and no money when to charity because GAVIN DEGRAW IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE.

So exscuse me if I have a bit of a hard time accepting him donating his time to help others. Now, no I do not know him personally and this is in no way a personal attack. This is about buisness and your professional behavior. You do not donate time for charity and then lie to get yourself out of the screw up you made. Mr. DeGraw is an unprofessional, unreliable, decetful, jerk who obviously seems to belive he is a big enough star to run around blowing off gigs. I have no love for him or his music.(Thats a lie, I liked his last single but I downloaded it illeagally because why the fuck would I give that shithead money?)

It takes a lot for me to get angry enought to boycott anything. But I refuse to ackowladge Gavin DeGraw donating his time for anything. Do not be surprised if he calls in at 6 am on spt 11th and cancels because he was out sucking down booze all night long. I'm just warning you now.

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