Monday, August 24, 2009

Doing Douche in style

I love this guy. I mean I really love him. Who does this? Who wears this? Why does this continue to go on and on and on? Whats the point Jon? TLC is going to blur all your stupid shirts out from now on anyway. Did you not get that memo? Did you buy that shirt online while your wife stood outside your mansion gate screaming like a wild cat? Is this because she left you for her bodyguard? Is this because your doing a 12 year old? I just want to understand, why? Are we suppose to see this shirt and say, " Oh, well this totally means he's a victim. We should be on his side." I swear these poor kids are sitting around talking to each other saying, "Daddies shirts are stupid. Mommy's hair is stupid. WTF?" You know who I feel the most sorry for, the dogs. All the fake crying and bad fashion choices, dogs react to that stuff you know? They do. I watch the dog whisperer, I know this stuff. For the love of Christmas TLC, cancel this show already. Its a speeding train heading into a burning petting zoo on school visiting day.

1 comment:

  1. these two are low lives. its pretty disgusting actually. why keep the show going? the only reason i sometimes take a glance at it now is to see how miserable the two are. The sad thing is the show isnt even about the kids anymore. it should just be called "jon and kate plus their pathetic bullshit". i feel horrible for the kids. i dont think she fuckin the bodyguard though....yeah.
    do i really get a free shirt?