Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Baster

A new comedy called "The Baster" has been filming in my neighborhood for the past three weeks. Even though they are mostly filming on Riverside, all the trailers are parked on Broadway including Jason Batemans trailers right on my block. I have also have seen Patrick Wilson walking to his trailer. IMDB has him listed as rumored to be in this movie. I guess I just confirmed it! I find it interesting how they attempt to hide who is in which trailer. Batemans is listed as Wally, his characters name and so is Wilsons. In an effort to hide Jennifer Anistons trailer they have left it blank. Which means if you walk around with a cast list you will find everyone accounted for and duduce that they black trailer is hers. Its parked across the street next to my diner.

Apperntly Jeff Goldblume is in this movie too but I have not seen him yet.
The Baster is a Comedy about a women who decided to artifically inseminate herself ... with a turkey baster in order to have a baby. (Does that freak you out a little?) 7 years later she finds out that her best friend, (Bateman) switched the doner sperm with his. You can almost spell the failure comming off this movie. Oh and P.S. Bateman does not turn his light off when he leaves his trailer. Way to care about the enviorment.

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