Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready for Seconds?

I cannot express how excited I am for the second season of True Blood. I must admit that at first I was hesitant about this series which follows Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her Vampire lover Bill(Stephen Moyer). I read the first book in the series that True Blood is based on before seeing the show, a mistake I will NOT repeate for season two. The books are crap but Alan Ball has taken the concept of an alternate reality where Vampires cohabitate the earth along with humans and created an award winning series. I would like to personally thank Alan Ball for leaving out the part about Vampire Elivs (Dont ask). I also have to give props to Anna Paquin who I cant stand and who has shocked me by becomming an acceptable heroin.

I must admit that what I love most about True Blood are the sub plots. Tara and Sams rocky non-relationship, Jasons sex and blood addictions which almost landed him in jail but instead led him to the Church of the Sun. Erics obsession with Sookie and her "special" abilities. Indeed the first season did leave us wanting more and this second season promises to deliver with more of Bills back story: His sire shows up and he has to deal with baby Vamp, Jessica. Sam dealing with the mysterious and totally not human Maryann. I am still holding out hope that Lafayette will return a little vamped up. He was my favoriet character last season and I would hate to see him truely dead. All in all this season is promising to provide something to appease the dead and living alike.

Season 2 premires June 14th at 9PM. If you need a little bit to tide you over till then season 1 is availble on DVD or you can catch the entire past season for free on HBO on demand.

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