Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mollies Points of interest

Its been a full day of movie and entertainment news. Here's a run down of everything I think you need to know...

1) Marvel announced that not only will Hugh Jackman star in a Wolverine sequel but Dead Pool (played by Ryan Reynolds) will get his own movie as well. Any movie that features Reynolds shirtless is worth $12 in my book.

2) Star Trek opens TOMORROW, not Friday. And has also been green lit for two more sequels. Early reviews are positive.

3) Bradley Cooper, (Wedding crashers) might be dueling Chris Pine out for the role of Hal Jordan A.K.A The Green Lantern. Sorry Brad but Chris has my vote. Though I can say I cant wait to see Brad in this summers, "The Hangover" The trailer looks hilarious!

4) Jon Gosslin in an exclusive statement to swears he didn't cheat on Kate but admits showing poor judgment in terms of his social activities. I'm playing the sucker and believing him.

5) Kirsty Alley complained about her sex life and publicly asked Jamie Foxx for a quicky...Yes I just threw up a little also.

6) Kiefer Sutherland will be charged with assault for headbutting a fashion designer because Kiefer is hardcore like that.

7) I have no idea whats happening on American Idol because I have a life.

8) Hayden Panettiere joined Bristol Palin in raising awareness of teen pregnan
cy, yesterday she was photographed hand in hand with her married 42 year old co-star, you know, the one that plays here father. Yeah, we should listen to her.

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