Wednesday, March 10, 2010

80's Actor Corey Haim dies at 38

Corey Haim is dead. That is not a way to wake up late on a Wednesday, let me tell you. But it's a sad reality this morning when Corey Haim died outside L.A. early this morning. Though details are sketchy right now, what is clear is Haim had a long and public battle with addiction that killed his career.
  Haim became famous from roles like, Lucas and The Lost Boys and many predicted great things for the young star but in recent years had become somewhat of a joke in Hollywood along with his super frenemy Corey Feldmen. The two who met on the set of Lost Boys and had a rocky friendship through the years even starring in a reality TV show The Two Coreys in 2008.

  We have all made jokes about the Coreys and about washed up teen actors turned druggie has been. We find humor in it so we don't have to deal with how tragic it is when talented people get sucked into a hole that robs them of their abilities and sadly sometimes their lives. Out thoughts and prayers should go out to Haims family and hope that his death somehow inspires others to seek help in fighting their addiction. If you are someone you love is fighting addiction do not wait 'till it's too late.

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