Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey aren't you the dad from Twilight?

NO! He's not. He is the Mike from the 1998 classic Can't Hardly Wait and I swear that if I hear one more tween hipster ask this question someone will die. I am beyond happy that Peter Facinelli's star is rising. He has been around since 1995 and appeared in dozens of movies/ shows. My heart just breaks a little when a very talented person gets recognized for a absolutely horrible movie. It hurts my heart. He is amazing in Show Times Nurse Jackie. Why can't he get props for that? That is talent. I love Vampires, I really do but it seems that anyone rockin' fangs gets attention and it's sad. Robert Pattinson doesn't shower. He SMELLS. Yeah I said it. You wanna fight me? Bring it! And here is a clip from Can't Hardly Wait:

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  1. AMEN! Can't Hardly Wait is my 16 Candles! Classic!