Monday, March 15, 2010

Jessica Simpson and the Price of Beauty

So, I have been seeing ads for this new VH1 show. VH1 has sort of become the home of the cheesy reality TV show but this new show looks like it might be really good. It's called The Price of Beauty and it's basically Jessica Simpson and friends traveling around the world and learning how different cultures define beauty. Of course this is in response to the body criticism Jessica Simpson has been getting but I think it might be one of the best responses ever. You think I'm fat and ugly? Well maybe in Africa I'm equal to a Super model. I like the idea of this show and I hope it's as good as it lets on. I have never really cared much to Jessica Simpson but she has gained point in my book for this mature move in during with body image crap. Check out the trailer and the show premiers tonight at 10! 

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