Monday, March 22, 2010

Life on the Discovery Channel

I caught a part Life on the Discovery Channel last night. I LOVE these multi-part presentations but when I first heard about life I was confused. Didn't Planet Earth just come out last year? I mean, personally I'll watch hours upon hours of this stuff. I eat it up like candy but not everyone else is a freak like me. To the average viewer this is probably going to come across as the same content in a different package, right? Last night, which is the only night I have seen so far, was not the best night to start watching Life. It a nut shell I watched an hour of bizarre reptilian courting and mating habits. More then once I felt as if I was watching a lizard version of Law and Order SVU because apparently in the reptile Kingdom it's a beat the girl up and take what you want, type of thing. It left me a little scarred to say the least. The production value and amazing action shots are enough for me to give Life a second chance. I also love the production extras they add at the end of eat episode. Two camera men talked about following a Komodo dragon  for seven days as it poisoned, stalked and ultimately took down a buffalo. Life is an eleven part series airing on the Discovery Channel Sundays at 8. For more check out

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